IGIDR , My New Home

Let me take you to my institute, where I am currently pursuing my Masters in Economics from. The place is called Indira gandhi Institute of Development Research. This institute was established by the Reserve Bank of India in 1987 for purely research purposes. Over the years this place has produced an outstanding number of PhDs and MPhils. The MSc program is only four years old now and the second batch passed out this year with an average placement of 7.3 lacs.Yes, same as many IIMs. These facts surprised me as much as it did you. That makes it better than DSE will be the next question. I am not making any comparisons here as DSE has its own place among people who know what Masters in Economics and Research is all about. But what’s most surprising is that during our grads we knew nothing about IGIDR. Does it have something to do with the fact that during our grads we only think in terms of IIMs and other corporate placements , and DSE also fits in this agenda as its Placement is just too good.I think that the fact that our teachers and seniors never encourage us towards reserach and higher studies in economics has something to do with it. IGIDR takes only 17 people every year for its masters program and all from diverse backgrounds. We have students who’ve done Physics, B.Tech, an IIM graduate, an IITian, from Environmental Science and what not ,apart from Economics students of DU and CU. IGIDR provides its students with the kind of Infrastructure one can’t imagine. I was myself surprised to see what all they have in store for us. The fact that RBI spends 4 lacs on each one of us per annum may help explain that. We have one of India’s best library http://www.igidr.ac.in/lib/library.htm (mind you, its not a tall claim) which, for example, has regular subscription to more than 500 journals from all over the world. We had a two hour orientation here to teach us how to use the library effectively. It basically has everything in economics under the Sun. Two hours is a long time. then we have this Computer Centre 24*7 which has all the big things in computing http://kamadhenu.igidr.ac.in . I won’t explain much here as I was sleeping during the three hours orientation of how to use the IT resources. Plus the hostel and other accomodation facilities are better than most of the institutes in India. The best thing about the institute is its research activity. The faculty here is amazing in terms of their experience and also the teaching method such that a 90 minutes class never seems banal. Also our classroom is too good, they say it was built for around 3 crores. I can believe that. Its damn good. In the first week of our stay here we had the good luck of attending a lecture by noted Economist from Yale Univerrsity, Dr. T N Srinivasan and they say its a common feature here. I remember bunking my classes in DU to listen to Kasushik Basu, Stiglitz, Sen etc. and running around the campus for that. Its no big deal here. This place boasts of outstanding corporate placements and its alumni are all very highly placed. IGIDR in say another 5 years is sure to be a big name. I’m lucky to be here and be a part of this change. I personally feel that more and more students should try and come to this place to do their masters and not be stuck with only two choices of DSE and JNU.


19 comments on “IGIDR , My New Home

  1. About IGIDR, you have given a very neutral feedback about this place.
    Don’t you think that for one this institute needs some good amount of brand buildiing to be done? That could be one of the reasons why people are unaware about this place.
    Any suggestions/comments regarding the methodology of teaching out here?
    I for one think that there should be better guidance for people from non-economics background and who are not yet enlightened about the trivialities of the subject!!!


  2. You know, even i didn’t know about the institute till the day i found out that you have gone there. Varun smsd me that you’re going to IGIDR. i had to undo the acronym for myself. thankfully, did that right, at least.

    And you’re right… everyone’s view is very narrow and limited. I’m sure there are more institutes like yours that are good but not as popular as they should be.

    Waise, good to know that you’ve got into such an amazing place.
    all the best.
    i hope you do well here too. 🙂


  3. hi sushmit…………i am too an eco masters student (1st yr)….but unlike u..i am pursuing it at cu.i would certainly try igidr fr my m.phil in eco…..i knew about the institute…..but never thought of it seriously……my friends took its exam but could not clear the interview……ya…its entrance is very very tough…..thats understandable becoz it is one of the premeire institutes in India……I hope I will get guidance from u for taking its entrance test for m.phil…..(2008, in my case)……


  4. hi
    please help to know the difference b/w M.Sc and M.Phil courses at IGIDR??
    ANY future growth difference and job profile after completion ??
    reply me fast….


  5. hi ,can u plz tell me the way of preperation for igidr m.phill exam and interview.
    hoping for your best positive response, thank u.


  6. hi…
    myself jayant…actually i ve qualified for the interveiw of msc eco at igidr….can u pls guide as to howz d interveiw procedure like n wat r the questions asked….especially fr someone like me who is nt frm eco background……pls do reply..cya..
    i need ur guidance…


  7. hi, am vijay , i completed my Msc(Agri statistics) . i like to do Phd whether Phd programme is offering or what? can i eligible or wt ? if yes can u tel me some thing about the subjects and others. thank you


    • IGIDR has a PhD program which is getting increasingly popular with time..I am not sure about a Post Doc program though..Although I know that some students are doing their second PhD here. The placements are the best in the market.


  8. Hey Sushmit, I realise you made this post 11 years ago, and it isn’t probably still active. But I got an interview call from the college, for Msc Economics! So I was wondering I could connect with some of the seniors for some tips and what not! Either ways, awesome blog post!


    • Ms Anita..

      Kindly help me out. I am BSc, MBA and I wanna pursue MSc from IGIDR. Plz help with ur guidance fr entrance n interview


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