The Wait

I waited for an hour

It was a beautiful day
After a long time
I had a song on my lips
I felt like I’m on an island
Surrounded by the ocean of love
The raindrops reminded me
Of the tears of sadness I’d cried
Tears of separation

I waited another.
The road now swarmed with humanity
Everyone was so busy
No time for love!
The Sun was now shining bright
And it reminded me of the warm days
When we were together
Free from all worries and sorrows
In love
We never thought of time
Time, the villain
Or, was it just a test?

I waited some more.
It’ll be over today, I thought
How can love wait so long?
We’ll be together again
Hand in hand, breath in breath
We’ll know no sorrows
I won’t ever leave her,
No matter what
We’ll live happily ever

She didn’t come.

Copyright ©2007 Sushmit Nath


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