My first flight..

Hi people.
I am back to writing here. Will try to be more regular now on. This post is about my first ‘aeroplane ride’. It was on 5th Oct I got the first chance to board an aircraft. Although the circumstances that forced me to take this flight were not something to be proud of as my grandfather is very ill and I had to visit him urgently. Thankfully he’s better now.
Coming back to the experience. As i said earlier I was pretty worried and preoccupied while I was undertaking the journey there wasn’t much excitement about travelling on a plane earlier on. But the moment I took my seat on the plane I realised its gonna be one hell of an experience so I better keep my eyes and ears open.
It was an Air Sahara flight to Patna from Bombay with a stopover in Lucknow. As expected there was a delay in the start and that was pretty irritating as the plane would do rounds and rounds and then stop. Finally it was ready for take off. When the plane was about to leave the runway its speed suddenly got increased to something like an F1 car ( I suppose!) . Then it took off to the clear blue sky. I gripped my seats tightly as the transition from being on land to flying in air was the first one I had experienced. I am someone who does not like getting on ‘rides’ in amusement parks o r even the giant wheel so you can understand what I was feeling then.
Before boarding the flight I had spent almost six hours on the airport. Only pastime there was to look at various kinds of people and of course the air hostesses topped the list. They were pretty good. But the flight was a disappointment in this respect. There were two guys attending on us. the other two airhostesses were for the business class passengers. That hardly mattered but. The airport ones were much better.
Now for the flight. It was one hell of an experience. when I looked at the ground below it just seemed that I was watching google Earth on my computer screen. But when I looked at the sky, it was a beautiful sight. I was literally flying in the clouds, or over them. When the plane would tilt, it seemed like there was sky above and sky below. Wonderful it was. I was like continuously looking out of the window.
The best part of the journey came when we were flying from Lucknow tp patna. At 40,000 feet we could clearly see the snow clad Himalayas. I would have mistook it for clouds had not my co traveller pointed out it for me. It was beautiful. Then when we closed in on Patna, the view of the Ganges was also too good. I didn’t know it was such a huge river.
The most scary moment in the ride for me was when the plane was just about to land in Lucknow. As the plane descended and came to the ground level things were fine. But as soon as the wheels touched the ground the plane started shaking. God it was terrifying. I initially thought that something was wrong, but when I looked around all other passengers were calm and cool. That was a real relief. And so the next time when the plane landed in Patna I was ready for it.
It was a three hour flight . I would rate the overall experience as a good one. I hope I get more such opportunities to ‘fly’, but certainly at lower fares.. More… later..


3 comments on “My first flight..

  1. seems like one helluva ride… hope you have many more to come… go accross the ocean next time.. its even bettter.. and when you are slightly lower.. you’ll see the whales…


  2. hey man,
    Something as live as being one of yur kins ..&.. waiting…&..then..just going gaga over what i could see …of course…yur face. It was warm to get it shared ….


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