Beggar and The Beauty

Poor Jamuna Das was a beggar
He begged and begged but never got bigger
His best friend was his aluminium plate
And they never let their job wait
Every morning both got together
And did what they had done forever

One day Jamuna was hungry
No one gave him anything that day
So, Jamuna was in dismay
But, as he passed by a big house
He saw its gates open
He hurried in with haste
And started munching the lawn grass with taste

Suddenly a beautiful lady came out
We were all set to hear a shout
But surprisingly she pitied him
Seeing this Jamuna’s eyes got wide
She said, “ Poor man, come inside”

Jamuna went inside with her
There he saw riches everywhere
Gold plated chairs, shiny floor of glass
Diamond studded curtains, and many a gold vase’

They reached the dining table
It was full of dishes in glassware
But the woman didn’t stop there

She stopped at the end of the house
Jamuna thought, “What’s going on?”
Then the lady said, pointing to the lawn

What you were munching out was stale and dry,
These are greener, softer; give them a try”
 Copyright ©2007 Sushmit Nath

2 comments on “Beggar and The Beauty

  1. a tidy poem……free-flowing……reflects ur craftmanship in poetry……has got a similarity
    with R.K.Narayan’s stories……..serious depth expressed in simple words…..perhaps its evident most of the times that artificialism and rudeness increases with rising income status….


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