Baba Baba Black Sheep

Disclaimer: This article is not about the popular Nursery Rhyme, so kids stay away as the contents may be harmful to your future.

So, Baba-‘I’ll bring back all the Black Money‘-Ramdev finally broke his fast. But not before dressing up in a Salwar Kameez a -la Chhatrapati Shivaji ( I apologise to everybody who think only from the Right side of their brains, especially some tiger shaped caricatures, for this ghastly comparison), and jumping in the sea of his drowsy followers -yeah, it wasn’t a Rock concert, and Ramdev is no Kurt Cobain either.

In fact I was hoping he did a Kurt Cobain, not by singing ‘Rape Me’  (although that’s what he literally dared the Govt. to do) but by actually ending his life fasting for a noble cause and making it much bigger and revolutionary just like what Cobain did to alternative music.

Baba Ramdev has disappointed me. While breaking his fast he said that his fight against corruption will continue till his ‘last breath’, and then excused himself to breathe some more. What a sham. I thought that at least a Yoga guru would have more stamina to last more than 9 days. Bhagat Singh and his fellow revolutionaries fasted for 64 days demanding equal rights for Indian and British political prisoners. Blame it on our Baba’s jet-set lifestyle, and the talk shows he has to attend with the Sambhavana Seths on Rajat Sharma’s Janata Ki Adalat, or his visits to his very own island in Scotland (gifted by a follower, before you scream ‘Black  Money’).

This is what happens when you try to do a Jasmine revolution in Saffron. In India, if you as much as smell saffron you are termed as an RSS agent by the Grand Old Congress Party. The Badshah of Bullshit, Digvijay Singh has already branded the Baba as ‘Mahathug’ probably hurt by the steep Rs.50,000 fees (his own words) charged by Ramdev to teach Yoga . And what about our so called civil society-when Anna Hazare, with Gandhi’s Teeth and Nehru’s Cap, sat on a fast unto death at Jantar Mantar demanding –you won’t believe it-setting up yet another committee, the whole nation seemed to have suddenly discovered their collective consciousness and somehow convinced themselves that they can all be part of a revolution. And how, by relentlessly spamming our Facebook news feeds. And what did the Lazy Armchair Activism give us; yeah you are right, yet another committee.

Never trust a man with food whose main trick is making his stomach sticking to back bone, giving an impression there is none. Ramdev is now well advised to go back to his Yoga camp, and maybe lower the fees a little so that the Congress party workers (Read: Diggi Raja) can attend the same. As far as how the nation will perceive this event, well we don’t give a damn for the next 4 years; we have already won the World Cup, for Sachin of course.


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